1. 2004 to date: various projects including vocal duets, sound mixing and video recording of live performances (Csilla) and personalised compositions for exclusive birthdays.

2. Co-text writer on Saschka's "A Real Good Woman", 2003

3. Domenico's album "No Time To Say Goodbye", Citymusic, 2002, co-text writer on the following pieces: "On The Beach", "One Of Us", "We Live For Love" and "Don't Cry"

3. Guitars on various studio recordings by Saschka, 2002

4. English text for Nelifer's "Ich Glaub' An Dich", Columbia, 2002

5. Roderick co-writes the lyrics to "Don´t Cry" on Domenico´s maxi CD "Manuel" released through R & P in 2001.

6. He co-writes the lyrics to 6 songs for Domenico´s CD "Radio" released on the R & P label in 1999.

7. He writes the lyrics to "Start In Hollywood" and B. Balint writes the music. Marina Lloyd sings the track in July 1999 and then she takes off without telling anybody where she is. We found out that she´s playing at some bar in California. The CD is played over 900 times at night clubs throughout Europe.

8. He supports Nelifer on her debut maxi CD entitled "Call On Me" in 1998. The record was released in 1998 by Free Power Music & Dance Factory (Rams Horn Productions, Holland).

9. He appears as backing vocalist on "L`Inno d´Amore", a maxi CD featuring Maximilian, an Italian artist.  

10. Roderick co-writes the lyrics to "Don´t Be Sorry" released by Domenico in 1998  

11. He co-writes the lyrics to "You Disappeared" released by Domenico in April 1998  

12. He is featured as a guitarist on two Tibetan pieces. The CD is entitled "15th Anniversary of the Tibetan School Rikon" and was released in March 1998. The edition sold out.