Csilla is playing at Hotel Savoy, Paradeplatz, Zurich
Csilla is playing on a regular basis at the Hotel Savoy in Zurich. It will be a pleasure for her to sign her CDs! Being there is an absolute must.
At all times, please observe all current guidelines in respect to CORONA-19 issued by the Swiss authorities. Stay healthy.

Sunday Recordings

Roderick Stafford – New Compositions & Recordings
Of late, Roderick is recording additional tracks at Penthouse Studios to fine-tune the new compositions. For this purpose, he is going through all the recorded material, which he will mix down shortly.

Digitisation of Booklets and Inlay Cards
On an ongoing basis, Roderick has started to digitise the booklets and inlay cards of his CDs The Wishbridge and Flowers From Hitchcock. To this effect, he is now in contact with a well-established specialist firm in this domain to discuss the next steps.

Stafford website with new design
You will have noticed that we redesigned Roderik's website. Additional pictures have been added and we are thinking about adding additional features as well. Enjoy!