Born on December 4, 1964, Roderick is a Swiss composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer, researcher and publicist. He comes from an artistic family with its origins in the movie business. His parents are Marianne Hold and Frederick Stafford.

Musical formation (1977 – 1984)
At the age of 13, Roderick starts playing the guitar and studies classical guitar and singing under the caring hand of Ms C. Weber in Zurich and passes the entrance examination for the Konservatorium in Vienna.

Roderick's instruments and vocal range
Roderick's main instruments are the guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, ukulele, percussional instruments and vocal percussion such as beatboxing. His vocal range includes a span of four octaves. He classifies as a tenor.

Bands (1984 – 1991)
1984 –1986: Duo with Markus Tränkle (Bayer) under the name ‚Hold & Bayer'

1989 – 1991: Lead singer and composer under the pseudonym Rick Hold of the alternative rock project ‚Meanviles' with Bayer (d), Heinrich Heinricht (g) and Hansi Schwarz (b) including a 13 date tour throughout Switzerland, a live taped radio concert on DRS 3 and a CD, ‚Clockout'

Solo career (1991 to date)
In the Fall of 1991, Roderick sets out on his today's solo career, including writing and producing albums, planning promotional concerts and contests including other projects and collaborations with various artists in Switzerland.

1990: Radio jingle for ‚Silberkugel', Mövenpick in collaboration with Martin Pearson
1991: CD release ‚Clockout' (label: Black Cat) produced by Martin Pearson
1994: CD release ‚The Wishbridge' (label: ASAV)
1996: CD Maxi single ‘Techno Cowboy’ (label: Fresh Music/ASAV)
1999: CD release ‚Flowers From Hitchcock' (label: ASAV)
2007: CD release of Csilla Varga's ‚Sunday Recordings' as producer, composer and publicist (label: ASAV)

Key achievements
1996: Establishes Andromeda Sound & Vision, R. Strobl
1999: Video reportage done with Job TV (Tele 24 / Tele Züri). The documentary film runs for a period of one month and wins 1st prize in the category of short films
2000: Creation of today's website
2004: Roderick opens his own mobile 24-track recording studio (Penthouse Studios)
2007: Digitisation project of numerous audio recordings including the covers for 33 unpublished CDs
2018: Roderick's repertoire of his own compositions amounts to over 400 songs to date.
2020/21: Redesign of website


Current and former key collaborations
Csilla Varga and her band (‚More Than Csilla')
Alexius Tschallener
M.C. Eugster
Martin Pearson
Ivan Colaci
Mick Kaluzny
Janine Amberg
Christian Ostermeier
Moritz Wetter
Tibetan School in Rikon

Roderick's key favourite top acts
The Beatles
Billy Joel
Peter Gabriel
David Bowie