Flowers from Hitchcock,CD,pop

  Technocowboy,maxi single,pop,dance

  The Wishbridge/2nd edition

  The Wishbridge/1st edition

Flowers From Hitchcock, Roderick Stafford, CD, pop

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  1. Flowers from Hitchcock  listen
  2. How can a man  listen
  3. Something in the moonlight
  4. Through
  5. Sooner or later
  6. The summer breeze
  7. Desperado row
  8. Bye moon goddess
  9. Something in the monnlight (E.T.version)
  10. Technocowboy
  11. Alouette
  12. She´s gone  
  13. Ich glaub´, ich hab´ mein Herz bei Dir vergessen  listen  vocals Marianne Hold
  14. Soul in the ocean
  15. How can a man (extended)